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North Star Holdings is a rapidly growing U.S.-based, vertically integrated, multi-state, enterprise-level cannabis operator in states where medical and/or adult-use cannabis is legal. We operate a number of medical and adult-use dispensaries throughout Colorado, own thousands of feet of cultivation and manufacturing facilities that produce cannabis flower, concentrate, and oils that serve our patients and customers. 

North Star Holdings Medical & Adult-Use Stores are in prime locations throughout Colorado and have cultivation facilities that are being developed in Las Vegas, Nevada and Santa Barbara County, California. The facilities are well positioned, and they match the ideal picture of a community cannabis dispensary. North Star Holdings Medical & Adult-Use Stores will ensure that all our customers are given first class treatment whenever they visit our dispensary.


Our goal is to align ourselves with investors and partners who share our core values. We aim to create a brand of Medical & Adult-Use cannabis brand that is supported through its retail & cultivation facilities. Our knowledgeable budtenders will navigate and guide our patients & retail consumers through our vast product variety featuring locally sourced cannabis along with our in-house cultivated cannabis product line of the highest quality Medical & Adult-Use cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles and more.

From the early days of cannabis legalization in Colorado, we've been defining the scale and modernization standards for vertically-integrated cannabis enterprises in the regulated legal marketplace. And today, we continue to blaze that path in multiple states, expanding and growing our operations to include one of the largest cannabis cultivation facilities in the newest, and largest, regulated market in the world, California! As we continue to forge ahead to modernize with the industry, our enterprise will evolve and continue to grow with it; ensuring that our ethos of bringing the highest quality cannabis products to the greatest number of patients and customers who seek them in the regulated market is met

Our vision is to become the gold standard for excellence in quality, hygiene, safety, effectiveness, retailing, and professionalism in the delivery of cannabis products and services in the U.S. markets. The future goals of the Company are to build and operate over a million square feet of cannabis cultivation canopy, operate extraction facilities that produce thousands of kiloliters of the best cannabis oils and extracts, and deliver legendary service to millions of cannabis consumers through dozens of dispensary facilities nationwide.

As adult-use of cannabis becomes legalized in more states, we believe our first-mover advantage in the Medical cannabis markets will give us a competitive advantage over competitors just entering the market. We intend to control as much of the supply chain as possible on a national scale, while also expanding investment in new cannabis technologies and products. We plan to leverage our management’s experience in operations and first mover advantage to create enduring brands and intellectual property that will have sustainable brand value as the market matures and becomes increasingly competitive.


Who We Are

Our mission is to provide the best medical & recreational cannabis to our patients and customers, while providing superior patient care and  customer service, supported by a brand they can trust. We will continue to build our brand on the core values of highest standards of quality, customer service and care, price, hospitality, honesty, integrity and community outreach.

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Our Mission

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5495 North Academy Boulevard

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About North Star Holdings

Our Executive Team

The second TweedLeaf location in Colorado Springs, Colorado opened in the Fall of 2016 as our flagship Medical Marijuana Center paving the way for the Company to establish a foundation to build a strong patient base that fueled our growth and expansion. One year later, in the summer of 2017, the company acquired a large greenhouse cultivation, lab, and retail dispensary business in Trinidad, Colorado that propelled the company into the Adult-use market as well as the cannabis oil, concentrates, and edibles manufacturing product segments.

After completing the Trinidad acquisition, the company gave birth to North Star Holdings in 2018 as the enterprise to acquire new licenses, distressed cannabis businesses, and use as a fundraising entity to acquire more assets in multiple states. Under North Star, the company has grown to over 100,000 square feet of indoor cultivation, 10+ dispensaries, and operating licenses (and applied licenses) in 6 states. To date, North Star Holdings is on path to acquire over 15 dispensaries, takeover 200,000 square feet of cultivation, build multiple labs, and launch numerous brands in multiple states.

Building Up

Acquire & Grow

Our Story

In 2013 our Founder and CEO, John Kaweske, teamed up with Dr. Malik Hasan to build 100,000 square feet of combined cultivation, manufacturing, and retail location named NuVue Pharma in Pueblo, Colorado. At the time, it was one of the largest cannabis facilities in the nation. In 2015, Mr. Kaweske, took over a small struggling medical marijuana center and a cultivation premise and founded the first TweedLeaf dispensary and cultivation center.

The Beginning

The North Star Way


Acquire New Licenses

We diligently pursue new licenses as they are released in new jurisdictions in Colorado and across the United States.

Identify Underperforming Assets

We utilize an acquisition formula and evaluation method that allows us to efficiently identify underperforming acquisition targets that can bring value to our overall enterprise.

Takeover & Consolidate

Our team of experienced Cannabis Business Operators with direct, hands-on, and daily management expertise utilizes a PROVEN system and process, based on years of successful consolidation of numerous cannabis enterprises.

Transform Struggling Assets

We have successfully turned around several struggling assets to profitability; and have also successfully launched newly licensed facilities.

Raise Capital to Fuel Growth

Raise capital to acquire new licenses & acquire underperforming cannabis businesses that will increase revenue and build value of our enterprise.


Self-Fund Future Acquisitions

Build revenues up to the point that acquisitions & new growth can be done through cash flow.