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Blazing the Path in Modern Commercial Cannabis.

The North Star Way

Cultivating relief & a quality experience.

Expanding Modern Cannabis

From the early days of cannabis legalization in Colorado, we've been expanding our scale and creating a unique standards of operations for vertically-integrated cannabis enterprises in the regulated legal marketplace. And today, we continue to blaze that path in multiple states, expanding and growing our operations in our home state of Colorado, as well acquiring assets in multiple states throughout the nation. As we continue to forge ahead to modernize with the industry, our enterprise evolves and continues to grow with it; ensuring that our ethos of bringing the highest quality cannabis products to the greatest number of patients and customers in the regulated cannabis market.

"We're on a mission to cultivate the most sought-after cannabis in the Industry."


We start with the best seeds and clones with strong genetics that have been proven to produce high-quality flower that pass testing and free of genetic defects. We then nurture these saplings into healthy plants, using only all-natural and organic nutrients; and then carefully mature the plants into beautiful flowers - full of wonderful trichomes, terpenes, terpenoids, and cannabinoids that give our patients and customers the relief and superior experience they're looking for.

Crafted Cannabis

Creating Something for Everyone

"Superior quality in means superior quality out."


Using high-quality cannabis flower and trimmings from our facility, we produce best quality oil and concentrate extracts using the cleanest and organic methods allowed by regulation. Our proprietary extraction methods and systems ensure that we maintain much of the cannabinoid, terpenes, and flavonoid that create the desired “entourage effect” improving the overall relief and experiential impact of our oil and concentrate products.

Patients & Customers First

Legendary Patient and Customer Care

"Our legendary service starts the minute you walk in the door."


It starts the minute that our patients and customers walks in the door to one of our medical dispensaries or adult-use stores; a friendly, caring, and compassionate team member, who’s knowledgeable, eager, and committed to finding the best product for patients and customers, greets them with an open and friendly smile. We’ve helped thousands of patients and customers find the relief and experience they seek, and today, they continue to visit us to find the best product for their needs.  

Committed to Compliance

Regulated Cannabis Market Experts

"No shortcuts, just committed to compliance in the right way"


There are no shortcuts or easy way to be compliant, just hard work and commitment to doing things the right way. Our enterprise started in legal and regulated cannabis, adopting and evolving with the ever-changing rules, regulations, and laws governing legal cannabis. We’re dedicated and have become compliance experts after years of cultivating and dispensing hundreds of thousands of pounds of cannabis products in the legal and regulated market – a commitment to compliance that will always be a critical element of our enterprise.

Brand Experience

Imagining Brands with Meaning

"We create brands that are attached to what our cannabis products mean to our patients. "


For the past 5-years, the North Star family of brands have forged a reputation in the industry for excellence that we continue to build on today.  As we grow, so too will the brands and products that we create to keep up with the ever-growing and expanding cannabis marketplace.

The North Star Brands

With over 130 strains in our library of plant genetics, we cultivate a minimum of 30 strains in each of our locations to bring the variety in medical and experience needs that our patients and customers are looking for. And with our large-scale cultivation we can deliver the lowest per gram prices in the industry to our customers, patients, and partner dispensaries.

Growing for the People

Our Operations

North Star Holdings is a rapidly growing U.S.-based, vertically integrated, multi-state, enterprise-level cannabis operator in states where medical and/or adult-use cannabis is legal.


We have thousands of feet of cultivation and manufacturing facilities in operation that produce cannabis flower, concentrate, and oils that serve our patients and customers. 

Grow Revenues in Mature


We're anchored in markets where medical and adult-use marijuana are both legal and embraced by the people, culture, local, city, and state government as a positive contributor in their community as a medicine alternative, tax-revenue generator, and progressive cultural addition.

North Star Holdings, Inc.


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