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Pioneers blazing a trail in modern cannabis.

Growing in Colorado since 2013.

Founded in Colorado Springs, Colorado

From the early days of cannabis legalization in Colorado, we've been expanding our scale and creating unique standards of operations for vertically-integrated cannabis enterprises in the cannabis marketplace. Today, we continue to blaze a path in multiple states, expanding and growing our operations in our home State of Colorado, as well as, acquiring assets in multiple states throughout the nation.

North Star Holdings is a rapidly growing U.S.-based, vertically integrated, cannabis operator in states where medical and/or adult-use cannabis is legal. Through our TweedLeaf brands we operate a number of medical and adult-use dispensaries throughout Colorado.  To supply our dispensaries, via our chain of cultivation companies, we own thousands of feet of cultivation and manufacturing facilities that produce cannabis flower, concentrate, and oils that serve our patients and customers.

Vertically Integrated

North Star Holdings currently has multiple dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and labs in Colorado, Las Vegas, California, and other States.



research & ip

Biotechnology research, IP patents, and cannabis management systems development.

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Thousands of square feet of indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation locations in multiple states.




Multiple locations that are medical, retail, or dual licensed in Colorado, Southern California, and other States.




Manufacturing craft oil used for cartridges, pens, concentrates, edibles, and topicls.

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North Star Holding Quick Look

Company Highlights

  • Founders have been in the regulated cannabis industry since 2013 

  • Headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Vertically integrated; cultivation, stores, manufacturing, and research 

  • Direct and hands-on approach to management and operations 

  • Seeking new licenses & acquiring turnaround cannabis assets to consolidate


As we continue to forge ahead in the ever-changing cannabis industry, our enterprise evolves and continues to grow with it; ensuring that our ethos of bringing the highest quality cannabis products to the greatest number of patients and customers in the regulated cannabis market is realized.


Multi-State Operator

North Star Holdings is a U.S.-based multi-state cannabis parent corporation of operating vertically-integrated cannabis enterprises in Colorado, and expanding into Nevada, California and other states.

North Star Brands

North Star Holdings has been building our brands from years of cultivating and crafting products that patients and customers have come to associate with quality, efficacy, safety, and consistency.  


Our flagship medical & adult-use dispensary dedicated to delivering epic patient care and customer experience.


Premium oil & concentrates extracted from quality cannabis flower.


High-grade edibles that give customers & patients a delicious alternative to flower.


Our out-of-this-world infused pre-rolls designed for the discriminating cannabis consumer.


Quality& convenient pre-packaged flower for customers looking for a quick pick-up.


Quality& convenient pre-packaged flower for customers looking for a quick pick-up.


California distribution company offering in-house & branded products.


Specially formulated topicals to offer relief to those suffering from pain.

North Star Way

Growing a cannabis business, much like any business, it relies on three basic things; quality products, good prices, and amazing customer service and patient care. Being able to deliver these three things consistently, on a daily basis, will bring growth.



Acquire New Licenses

We diligently pursue new licenses as they are released in new jurisdictions in Colorado and across the United States.

Identify Underperforming Assets

We utilize an acquisition formula and evaluation method that allows us to efficiently identify underperforming acquisition targets that can bring value to our overall enterprise.



Raise Capital to Fuel Growth

Raise capital to acquire new licenses & acquire underperforming cannabis businesses that will increase revenue and build value of our enterprise.


Self-Fund Future Acquisitions

Build revenues up to the point that acquisitions & new growth can be done through cash flow.



Takeover & Consolidate

Our team of experienced Cannabis Business Operators with direct, hands-on, and daily management expertise utilizes a PROVEN system and process, based on years of successful consolidation of numerous cannabis enterprises.

Transform Struggling Assets

We have successfully turned around several struggling assets to profitability; and we have also successfully launched newly licensed facilities.

North Star Team

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Welby Evangelista


John Kaweske

Founder & CEO

Rao Asghar